TURNS out there really is a day for everything.

And on January 15 every year attention turns to one of road users' biggest scourges: the pothole.

This National Pothole Day we want to hear from you about the worst potholes on your road to find the worst spots in town.

More than 5,000 motorists attempted to claim from their local authority in the past three years resulting in the Federation of Small Businesses calling on the Government to deliver on its manifesto pledge to provide £2 billion in funding to fill the thousands of potholes blighting streets across the nation.

Robert Downes, FSB Development Manager for Greater Manchester, said: “Poorly maintained can seriously hamper small firms from going about their business.

"It can cause significant damage to vehicles that are often critical to company business, or leave staff without a car to get to work. 

“Ahead of the 2019 General Election, FSB called on the next Government to not only provide funding to fill potholes, that are causing millions of pounds of damage every year, but to go further and ensure local councils have the resources to provide ongoing road maintenance.

"When councils can’t afford the repairs, we end up with dangerous driving conditions, and in the long run more congestion and pollution when roads need to be fully resurfaced which can cause major disruption.

He addded councils needed to be equipped with the means to fix and maintain roads rather than 'piecemeal funding' which would mean road defects are stopped from developing into potholes.

FSB has previously called for meaningful action to maintain the nation’s roads including more local authority funding, greater co-ordination between councils and utility companies, a clearer and simpler system to report potholes as well as upgraded technology to track and detect road problems early.