Drivers travelling in and out of Suffolk this evening have been warned the Orwell Bridge will be closed for a second night running. 

Highways England had taken the decision in light of strong winds caused by Storm Brendan arriving in the UK. 

A yellow weather warning for strong winds is in place for Essex and Suffolk today and tomorrow. 

On Twitter the highways bosses said: "We have had our forecast update and we have decided to CLOSE Orwell Bridge from 17:00 today to 03:00 tomorrow morning.

"We will monitor windpseeds throughout the night and update you all if we can re-open it sooner.

"Apologies for later than 14:30 update, we were trying to look at the data and see if we could close it slightly later, unfortunately we weren't able to as the forecasts put it above the threshold."

The bridge was closed from 7pm last night as a result of the winds.

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said a new low pressure front will cause blustery conditions for England and Wales on Tuesday.

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Mr Claydon said the high winds and rain could lead to "unpleasant" travelling conditions and cause disruption to roads, trains and ferries.

He added: "We are looking at gusts of 40mph to 50mph with exposed coasts and the tops of hills seeing 60mph and maybe even up to 70mph.

"With that there's also going to be some rain, making conditions quite unpleasant.

"It's certainly going to be unpleasant driving conditions and could lead to disruption across many travel networks."