TWO thugs punched and kicked a man on the ground during a brawl over a karaoke performance.

Officers were called to reports of a large disturbance outside the Horse and Groom pub in Southend Road, Rochford at around 9pm on June 24 last year.

As the birthday party drew to a close, the pub singer was coming to the end of her final set, but David Carter, along with others, didn’t want it to end and asked the singer to carry on.

As they persisted, the party organiser became increasingly forceful and Bobby Loveday strode over and punched the man three times in the face,

The victim got up and lashed out at Carter, punching him, and Loveday threw himself into the brawl.

Following separate struggles, the two returned to where the victim was lying and punched and kicked him, causing a serious injury and permanent scar.

He suffered a very serious injury and a permanent scar.

After this, Carter punched two more people who were trying to calm him down.

After the attacks, Carter made off from the scene but was arrested by officers a short time later in Queensland Avenue.

He was identified during an ID procedure as being one of the men responsible for the assaults.

He was later charged with two counts of ABH, three counts of assault by beating, and one count of attempted assault by beating.

The 42 year-old from St. Cyrus Road, Colchester, admitted two counts of assault by beating in connection with an assault on a woman who had been punched in the face inside the pub, and a man who had been trying to calm the situation.

He denied the other charges but, following a trial at Basildon Crown Court, was found guilty of two counts of ABH and one count of assault by beating.

He was found not guilty of attempted assault by beating.

Loveday, 28, of Queensland Avenue, Rochford, admitted ABH in connection with initial assault before Carter’s trial.

Both men appeared at Basildon Crown Court on Friday for sentencing.

Mitigation for the duo said they were remorseful, and that it started over a “ridiculously trivial” argument over music and that the offences were never planned and were spontaneous.

Loveday was handed 15 months in prison suspended for 20, 200 hours unpaid work and must pay £1,000 compensation to the victim and £1,000 towards prosecution costs.

Carter received 20 months suspended for 24, a nine month alcohol treatment programme and ten days rehabilitation.

Addressing the duo, Judge Samantha Cohen said: “You have escaped jail by the skin of your teeth, you behaved appallingly that day.

“You both have young daughters; imagine how they would have felt if they saw what you did.”