GRASS walls and bicycles adorned with flowers could be installed at a shopping centre in a bid to make it the most photographed place in Essex.

Over the Christmas period thousands of shoppers stopped to take photographs of the lights at Lion Walk shopping centre and Red Lion Yard in Colchester.

The Bavarian-style market also drew in huge crowds and pictures were shared all over social media.

In a bid to keep the trend alive, Lion Walk centre manager Martin Leatherdale hopes to create a spring installation to promote greener living.

He said he hoped it would make Lion Walk the most photographed place in the area.

He said: “There are two reasons why we want to do this - the first is the whole green, cleaner living aspect as we want to create that green message.

“We are taking on a programme to reduce our carbon footprint with recycling and energy reduction.

“The second reason is Christmas went so well, every time I walked through the centre someone was taking a photo of the lights or taking a selfie.

“We created a magical scene down there which people loved.”

He hopes to create the same level of excitement with more seasonal installations.

He added: “It’s an example of you get out what you put in so we should reap the rewards.

“It’s a model that really works and it will be a beautiful focal point for the town.”

It is hoped grass walls will be installed alongside foliage in shop windows, hanging baskets, quirky bicycles and wheelbarrows containing flower arrangements.

Another 24 trees will also be planted around the site in a bid to make the area greener.

At the same time gift and homeware store Dear Grace in Red Lion Yard will be knocking through to their neighbouring unit to create more space.

1st Homes in Lisle House, near Primark, will also be doubling up on space with a new showroom.

It is following bumper sales for the stores in the shopping centre and Red Lion Yard. Over the festive period a total of 1.2million customers went through the centre and there was a 6.2 per cent increase for year-on-year growth.

Mr Leatherdale said the figures were phenomenal and bucked the national retail trend.