AN appeal has been launched to help the family of a miracle baby who is fighting for survival.

Louise was delivered prematurely in Colchester Hospital in 2018 at just 24 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy and weighing just 1oz 1lbs.

She survived but faced a catelogue of medical challenges.

Louise, who is now 14-months-old, had to have blood transfusions, brain scans and X-rays, and spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Since being allowed home in early last year, Louise has faced several setbacks but was said to be doing well and showing positive signs.

Louise enjoyed her first Christmas at home with her parents and four sisters, who had previously sold some of their toys to raise money for the unit which cared for her.

But Louise’s condition suddenly deteriorated during the early hours of last Sunday and her chances of survival were plunged into uncertainty.

Her aunt Emily Starling said: “Out of nowhere Louise became very ill, very quickly.

“When it became apparent that her condition was critical, she was transferred to St Mary’s Hospital in London.

“My sister was told by doctors that Louise was not responding to treatment and they had done all they could to help her.”

Louise, from Clacton, remains at the hospital in critical condition and in a coma, and is suffering from sepsis and multiple organ failure.

She is hooked up to an oscillator machine and a device which is being used to filter her blood and being given a multitude of medications to help keep her alive.


Her parents need and want to be by her side, but Louise’s dad is self-employed meaning he isn’t earning an income while being with his daughter.

In a bid to help the couple’s financial situation Emily started a fundraising drive.

Remarkably, in just two days, the campaign has exceeded its £1,500 target after the community has rallied round.

The money will now be used to pay off any house bills accrued while the parents are in the hospital and any added expense of staying at the hospital.

Emily said: “With so much uncertainty, money is a huge worry. They have a home, bills and four other daughters at home to worry about.

“We are all feeling helpless right now and my heart is breaking for Louise, but this is the one thing we can do to help.

“We do not know what the future holds for little Louise, if she will pull through or what medical needs she will have afterwards.

“It’s so reassuring for Louise’s mum and dad to hear we are all behind them.

“There is so much love for our little warrior pouring in from everywhere.”

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