IT is almost impossible to turn on the television or browse the internet without finding yourself, intentionally or otherwise, with a celebrity looking perfect.

Whether that be because they have been digitally enhanced or they have been on a scarcely believable diet and workout plan, for most of us it is not realistic.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with aiming to be physically fit.

No-one should be criticised for starting 2020 with the aim of slimming down or getting in better shape.

In fact, a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise is actively encouraged.

But it must not become the be all and end all.

Whether it be work, family commitments or anything else, not many of us have the chance or inclination to be in the gym every spare moment.

It is about striking a balance around what is good for you.

And the point made about not demonising people about their weight by Slimming World consultants today is certainly a valid one.

Some people may be struggling with things none of us know about which directly impacts their body.

They should not made to feel under pressure to reach unrealistic goals.

It is not good for you, either mentally or physically.

What has become clear over the past few years that as well as maintaining a healthy body, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy mind.

And striving for a goal which is unachievable is not going to help.