A MAP maker from Bradfield has created a winter-sports themed map to encourage skiing by train.

Dennis Hawes, managing director of Roger Lascelles, in Bradfield, has made a map which includes more than 100 rail-served resorts and more than 15 linked ski areas.

The map charts the position of 200 resorts in seven countries across the Alps from France to Slovenia via Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Italy to help intrepid skiers and snowboarders plan their journey to the mountains.

In the map, railway lines are coloured according to whether they are mainline routes or branch lines, and the direct Eurostar line from London to the French Alps is also highlighted.

Cable cars and funicular railways are shown where they connect stations with resorts.

Neil Guthrie, 2theAlps marketing manager, said: “There’s never been greater awareness of the need for low-carbon travel with ski resorts particularly susceptible to the impact of global warming.

"Increasing numbers of snowsports holidaymakers are voting with their ski boot-clad feet and travelling to the mountains by train.

"Beyond the obvious environmental advantages, rail travel also offers a more enjoyable and relaxing journey through the breathtaking Alpine landscapes - a holiday highlight in contrast to a long coach transfer or the hassles and uncertainty of hiring a car."

For more information about the maps visit 2theAlps.com.