AN unattended candle sparked a house fire.

A woman was alerted to the blaze in her house in Fitzgerald Close, Lawford, when her smoke alarms went off just after 10.30am on Saturday.

The candle had been left and set fire to furniture it was left on.

One crew from Clacton and two from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service attended and put out the flames within an hour.

The cause has been recorded as accidental.

Watch Manager Kieron Warner said: “The resident was alerted to the fire by her smoke alarms going off which is great.

"When she saw the smoke, she proceeded to shut every door on the way out and left the house to call the fire service.

"This contained the damage to just the one room.

“With the festive season upon us, people tend to use more candles at this time of year. If you are lighting candles, please don’t leave them unattended and make sure to put them out before leaving a room.”

Candles should be secured in proper holders and kept away from loose materials.

They should be put out when you leave the room and the wax pool kept clear of debris.

The fire service also advise avoid lighting them in rooms with wind blowing through and not to light several candles close together.