THOUSANDS of Second World War enthusiasts have taken the time to visit Boxted Airfield since it re-launched to the public almost a decade ago.

Among those are the relatives of airmen who were stationed there - travelling from as far as America and Canada.

Now the museum based there is launching another appeal having been donated a collection of eight uniforms which mainly relate to the US 9th Air Force.

Boxted Airfield Museum, in Langham, is operated by the Boxted Airfield Historical Group where its main collection, which includes the tail section of an airfraft which flew from Earls Colne, is displayed in an original Nissen Hut funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and opened in 2011.

There is also a visitors Centre, a modern version of a Nissen hut funded by the Group.

John Camp. trustee and curator of the Marauder Collection explains last year a third building was opened, dedicated to the B26 Marauder medium bomber of the Second World War, some of which were operated by the 386th Bomb Group from the airfield.

“The Group has recently purchased a collection of 8 uniforms, six of which relate to personnel of the US 9th Air Force and two relating to British military women who were in the Control Room at Blake Hall.

“They include a Major Grue, Corporal Marty Thibo, a military policeman; Sergeant Darwin Morse; E.J.Seagars, a fighter pilot; 2nd Lt.Harry Taylor, a B 26 Marauder pilot; and Staff.Sgt Eddie Kovalchik, a radio operator/turret gunner on Marauders.”

As well as the clothing, the display will also feature information about each of their owners.

John adds : “For example, we have the uniform and documents relating to Corporal Marty Thibo, who was initially in the armament section of the 556BS and later became a military policeman.

“One of the British women was Private Christine Warren of the ATS, an aircraft plotter at Blake Hall, who married Sgt. Murrell Turner of the US 9th AF on 13 September 1944. Her uniform and wedding photos will feature in the display.”

It is estimated the work will cost around £5,500.

“So far, approximately £1,900 has been raised from our American supporters and the Museum is now launching this public appeal.”

Construction of the airfield started in 1941 and the 386th Bomb Group arrived in May 1943, assigned to the US 9th Tactical Air Force and flying the Martin B26 Marauder.

The group only stayed at Boxted for three months and two months later the 354th Fighter Group arrived.

This group flew the new Merlin engined P51b Mustang and its main role was to escort the bombers on their missions over the continent.

When they left the following March the 56th, seen as the top scoring US fighter group in the Second World War, arrived going on to take part in all the major air battles and staying until the end of the war in Europe.

Donations to the appeal can be made on the Museum’s website at or by sending a cheque payable to Boxted Airfield Historical Group to Chairman, Richard Turner, 11 Dunthorne Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 0HZ.