A GREAT grandmother made famous for posting old photos of Colchester online has shared some of her favourite images.

Technology whizz Cindy Grimwood created a Facebook page with almost 13,000 followers.

Cindy moved into Stanway Green Lodge care home about two years ago.

Just before she moved in, Cindy created the now well-established Facebook page Old Colchester and District In Pictures.

She said: “All the photos are kept on my external hard drives.

“Some are mine and some are from the Gazette and Essex County Standard.

“Quite a few people put their own pictures on there.”

The home has helped her organise meet and greet sessions with her fans who love to look at the photos and share their memories.

Not all of the photographs have dates but each shows areas of Colchester in a completely different light and unlock a journey back in time.

Some of Cindy’s favourite images include seaside views of West Mersea and shots of Colchester High Street going back decades into the 20th century.

To see her full collection search for Old Colchester and district in pictures on Facebook or go to the Gazette website for news from today and yesteryear.