A SISTER is raising awareness of cancer symptoms after her older sibling died from oesophageal cancer.

Tash Price has paid tribute to her sister Lynn Davies, from Colchester, who died aged 45.

Lynn had been having trouble swallowing food in January but was not diagnosed with oesophageal cancer until June. She died five months later on November 10.

Tash, 43, is now raising awareness of the cancer and its symptoms. She said: “She mentioned to me in early January she felt something was getting stuck in her windpipe when she ate. “

Lynn saw a doctor and was given stomach tablets for acid reflux but her condition worsened.

She went back to her GP in February and was booked in for an endoscopy - a procedure where a camera is inserted into the throat.

Staff at Colchester Hospital eventually found a mass and diagnosed her with cancer. She was offered chemotherapy in a bid to reduce the tumour.

Tash said: “She wanted a second opinion as she had a bit of hope, so they referred her to a consultant in London.

“He said he was happy to go ahead and operate but he wanted to shrink the mass before taking it away. He said it would be a high-risk operation.”

Following the operation she underwent chemotherapy at the start of October but she was already deteriorating.

Tash said: “Since June she wasn’t able to eat. She was 21 stone at the start of the year and she has lost about ten stone before treatment. It got to the point where she couldn’t even swallow water. “

“She had a stent fitted to open up the oesophagus but it didn’t really help.”

Lynn had another round of chemotherapy at the end of October but her condition went downhill.

She was admitted to Colchester Hospital on November 4 as her kidneys were no longer functioning and died six days later.

Tash said: “When she told me her symptoms oesophageal cancer was the first thing that came up but you wouldn’t think it would be that.

“I think it’s quite rare. They were astonished someone of her age had it and they were surprised she didn’t have any other symptoms.

“She didn’t have any regurgitation or heartburn. I want to raise awareness as people should be aware of the symptoms involved.”

Lynn, from Shrub End, had been married to husband John for 24 years. They met in Colchester whilst working at different pubs in 1993. She has three children - Leanne, 25, Bradley, 23 and Lewis, 21.

Tash said: “She was everyone’s friend. Everyone knew her as big, bubbly Lynn. She was a bit of a mother hen. She used to work at her local pub in Shrub End and was a big part of the community.

“You always have that one person who you always see and when they are gone it’s really noticeable.

“This is for her legacy and if one person reads this is could save someone’s life.”

Her funeral will take place at Colchester Cemetery on Friday, December 6 at 2pm.

A fundraising page has been set up to support her family. Visit www.gofundme.com/f/lynn-davies.

To find out more about the symptoms of oesophageal cancer visit www.opa.org.uk.