ECO-CONSCIOUS pupils have planted trees to help offset the carbon produced by its annual fireworks display.

The youngsters at Holmwood House School, Lexden, worked out four tons of carbon would be produced by the fireworks, bonfire and travel to and from the event.

The eco committee found two saplings are needed to offset each ton of carbon.

The green-fingered pupils were not content with the idea of buying in saplings and instead potted up 12 Holm acorns.

The children will look after and grow the saplings until they are ready to be planted in the spring.

Rachel Godman, the school's eco committee coordinator, said: "The interest that our pupils have shown in recent years for gardening, reducing plastic waste, and working to protect the environment has grown significantly and it is vital that we encourage the eco-friendly ideas of these young minds so that they are able to instigate change, however small, for their future wellbeing.

"Our eco committee comprises pupils from Year 1 through to Year 8 so we are able to get everyone in the school involved in projects.

"Even the Reception pupils begin to develop an awareness of their environment through their weekly Forest School sessions.

"This week they were designing and building barriers around the bird feeders to ensure that the school community were conscious of which areas of the school site need to be kept quiet to give a sense of safety to the wildlife."