A RESIDENT claims he is "living in fear of heavy rain" due to flooding problems in the street he lives.

Tim Turbitt says Essex County Council has not cleared the drains in Easy Bay, Colchester, despite repeated requests.

This means whenever there is a torrential downpour the road, and nearby East Street and Brook Street, become flooded with water.

Last month the flooding was so bad he became trapped inside his property and Essex Fire and Rescue Service were forced to attend and pump water from the road.

Mr Turbitt, who has lived in his flat for 14 years, said: "The flooding problems have been happening periodically since I have lived here.

"In a sense I can accept it as it is usually during periods of torrential rain, but what I cannot accept is the drains being left blocked.

"I am in my 60s and I have had a double heart bypass. The clear up operation after a flood gets more difficult each time.

"It has got to the point where I live in fear of heavy rain."

Previously, Mr Turbitt says his flat has been flooded nine times, however it has happened twice so far in 2019.

He added: "My home has now been arranged so things can't get damaged by the water."

A spokesman for County Hall said the flooding on October 6 came about following a period of "very heavy rain over some time".

"It was reported to our out-of-hours standby drain team who responded to clear the flooding and check and clear the local drains," he said.

“The main problem here seemed to be an unusual amount of rain filling all the usual drainage pipes and channels which overwhelmed the capacity of the system.

"As the rain stops the drains continue to work and the flooding subsides.

"There is another issue at this point because of the relative levels of the crossing points near the bridge and the junction with Brook Street.

“It has been proposed as a site for investment in work as a 'surface water alleviation scheme' which schemes are eligible for joint funding if prioritised.”