ARE you between a rock and a hard place?

Not inclined to vote for the one who seems to make it up as he goes along and would make front page news if he ever stuck to something he promised - did you know the “fracking ban” only applies to the North of England, work is continuing in the South?

But equally you are on the “no thanks” team for Marmite Man?

Or are you really angry because you’d already decided to vote for another party and have found out they’re not putting a candidate forward as an electoral pact to either stop Brexit or make Brexit happen?

In all previous General Elections we could see all the parties’ manifestos, decide which we liked best, and vote accordingly, depending on whether the climate crisis, NHS, the economy, Brexit, education, or something else was your priority.

Now we have Brexit tactical voting, with the Brexit Party standing aside for the Conservatives, and Lib Dems, Green Party and Plaid Cymru only putting one candidate between them forward in 60 seats, as if Brexit were the only issue.

What if you really don’t care whether we are in or out of the EU when the floods in Yorkshire and the East Midlands are a risk to life and a woman has been swept to her death after a month’s rainfall in a day?

That’s a month in November, in Yorkshire, 84mm, or more than 3ins.

After years of scientists warning that extreme weather events will happen more often, how prepared were the authorities for this extreme weather event?

On a Friday afternoon the Environment Agency was saying “no need to evacuate, no need for sandbags”.

That evening homes and businesses were under filthy water and lives were ruined.

Christmas is unlikely to be merry for anyone affected.

The climate crisis is already affecting us in the UK, it’s irreversible, it’s getting worse.

If you want a lot more done very quickly who do you vote for? Tempting though it is not to vote, that doesn’t help.

There will be hustings, where all the election candidates have to answer our questions, held at the University of Essex, in Colchester town centre, and maybe in other towns too before the election.

This is our chance to ask them all what will they do about the climate crisis if we give them our vote.

If we don’t have the option of voting for someone who shares our concerns and values, we must convince those we can vote for to adopt our concerns and values.

We can tell them some people no longer care about Brexit, they just want to vote for a future with no more climate change than we already have.