A DESPERATE mother has hit out at the benefits system after assessors decided to halt the disability payments her son has received for more than a decade.

Hazel Calver’s son Aaron is on the autism spectrum and has Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

The 29-year-old struggles to cope with everyday tasks and has received disability benefits since he was 15.

However last month he was called in by the Department of Work and Pensions for a Personal Independence Payment assessment.

Following the assessment Aaron was informed he would no longer receive disability benefits...and was told he should find work.

Mother-of-three Ms Calver was also told her carer’s allowance for Aaron would be stopped, meaning the family is set to lose £700 a month.

Ms Calver, from Greenstead, Colchester, said: “We went for the assessment a few weeks ago and they told us ‘he can do this’ and ‘he can do that’. He was being told he could do stuff, not asked.

“The assessor said he should be out going to pubs and clubs but he can’t do that because of his disabilities.

“He doesn’t mix with other people apart from his own family.

“I was trying to explain to the assessor the reality of his situation but she put me down and did not listen. I feel he is being punished because of the way he was born.”

Ms Calver labelled the assessment process “despicable” and said Aaron “blamed himself ” for the situation.

She said: “It has really affected Aaron and he is not sleeping properly. He has had to be referred to the mental health crisis team and the doctor has increased his medication.

“The way my kids are I do not want them worrying about what is going on.

“It is having a hell of an effect on me but I am trying to stay strong.”

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “Decisions are based on all the evidence available at the time, including any information from a GP or medical specialist.

“Anyone who disagrees with a decision can ask for it to be reviewed and we are looking at Mr Calver’s claim again; meanwhile he continues to receive Employment and Support Allowance.”

The allowance is £500 a month.

Government figures show 9,320 complaints were received about medical assessments for Personal Independent Payment in the year to February 2019 – compared with 1,391 in 2016/17 and 142 in 2015/16, and 73 per cent of cases taken to court were overturned.