A COUNCILLOR is calling for urgent action to sort out blocked drains which are causing flooding in a busy road.

The drains, in Mersea Road, Colchester, are not working correctly and large puddles are being created near to the entrance to Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium.

Essex County Councillor Dave Harris (Lab, Maypole) says he has been demanding action from Essex Highways for some time, labelling the puddle a "disgrace".

"I visited and I saw several pedestrians run by so they did not get wet from spray caused by passing cars or lorries," he said.

The cemetery's walls are also being hit by the splashes caused by vehicles, creating a problem with damp and mould.

Mr Harris said: "The wall is being adversely affected by splash from months of flooding.

"This is an activity by one council, Essex Highways, having a detrimental affect on the community assets of another council, Colchester Council.

"I have called, yet again, for works to be done here as I am frustrated by the usual stance of 'it does not meet our criteria at this time, but we will continue to monitor'.

"The very large puddle is a disgrace to our area."

Mr Harris, who is also a borough councillor, said he would like to see Colchester Council take back control of things like highways so it could fix the drains without delay.

He added: "If ever there was a case for becoming a Unitary Authority, or for Colchester to take over responsibility of works such as highways, then this is it."

An Essex Highways spokesman said works were due to take place in Mersea Road in the coming days.

He said: “We hope to have our drain response crew there early this week to remove any debris blocking the drain and jet it clean.”