THOUSANDS of people gathered in Colchester’s Castle Park last night as fireworks took over the night sky.

King Coel’s Kittens held their annual display on Bonfire Night, with crowds gathering despite it being a Tuesday night to catch a glimpse of the well-loved display.

Magician Michael J Fitch hosted the event and kept children and families entertained throughout the evening and while waiting for the display to kick off.

Audiences watched on as Guy Fawkes was marched to the bonfire by the Colchester Watch Beefeaters.

It was the 49th annual fireworks extravaganza put on in the park by the charity group and this year the theme was centre around the Apollo moon landing.

Organiser Jackie Bowis said: “The theme was to the moon and back and is linked to the Apollo landing which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

“We are now in our 49th year and it was the first organised fireworks display which took place in the town.

“Up until then people used to do their fireworks in the garden but it was decided it was a risk and the cost of fireworks went up.

“We wanted to do something which could benefit the whole community and the profits go to support the town.”

Last year £34,5000 was donated to purchasing equipment for the new cancer unit at Colchester Hospital.

The fireworks for the display are provided by Dynamic Fireworks.