A DAD is campaigning for a speed limit to be reduced on a dangerous stretch of road after a car ploughed through his house, narrowly avoiding his sleeping stepson.

Terry Spires, 43, his wife Vicky, 49, and stepson Frank Hollingshead, 25, were woken up by a blue Audi careering through the side of their house, in Lawford, on October 15 at about 11.20pm.

The car smashed into Frank’s downstairs bedroom while he was asleep.

Luckily no-one was badly hurt and the car did not hit him.

But a trail of destruction has been left behind from the accident, with debris and dust everywhere.

Terry’s twin 19-year-old sons Billy and Jay were not in the house, which is in Wignall Street, at the time of the incident.

The family is now having to live in a nearby rented property until their home is made safe and secure by builders.

It is hoped the work will be finished in time for Christmas.

But Terry has decided to launch a campaign in a bid to get the speed limit lowered from 40mph to 30mph outside his home with the hope it will prevent future crashes of this scale.

He said: “My next step is to contact Tendring Council.

“We may need a speed camera or anything like that to slow the traffic down.

“We don’t see many speed cameras in Tendring, or police anymore since the local station closed down.

“The speed limit goes from 40mph to 30mph around that corner outside my house.

“We will ask the council to reduce the 40mph speed to 30mph from Harwich Road into Wignall street.

“It’s not particularly for the accidents, we need it to slow the traffic down too.

“It’s not just that corner, it’s the road which is a problem.

“Cars speed up and down there so often.”

Terry also believes flashing speed limit signs should be installed to slow drivers down.

He said he moved into his house four years ago and has witnessed many accidents outside.

Three months after he moved in a car crashed into his hedge and was left there for days.

Once the car was towed away, a tree fell into the road.

He said a car also went into the side of the King’s Arms pub, in Wignall Street, and a lorry lost its load and the goods ended up in a neighbour’s garden.

“We constantly hear cars screeching around the corner outside our home,” Terry added.

It could take more than six weeks before the family is able to move back into their home.

Terry said: “We hope it will all be finished before Christmas.

“Rose Builders will be repairing the damage to the house, but they have yet to start.”