THE new Speaker of the House of Commons has paid tribute to his late daughter as he took up the role.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle received more than 50 per cent of the vote as MPs elected him to replace Essex University chancellor John Bercow.

The Labour politician, who was formerly a deputy to Mr Bercow, paid a heartbreaking tribute to his daughter Natalie Lewis-Hoyle.

Miss Lewis-Hoyle, 28, who was a Heybridge Parish Councillor was found dead in her bedroom just before Christmas 2017.

Sir Lindsay told the Commons: "There is one person who's not here, my daughter Natalie.

"I wish she'd have been here, we all miss her as a family, no more so than her mum.

"I've got to say, she was everything to all of us, she will always be missed but she will always be in our thoughts."

An inquest into her death recorded an open conclusion but her parents believed a phone call she received in the hours before her death played a part.

The court heard Ms Lewis-Hoyle had been in a toxic relationship for several years before her death.

Following her death her mum Miriam Lewis set up Chat with Nat to help people stuck in abusive relationships.

Sir Lindsay received 325 votes to party colleague Chris Bryant's 213.

Speakers must be politically impartial, meaning Sir Lindsay will be required to resign from the Labour Party in order to carry out his duties.

He added: "I want to hopefully show that the experience I've shown previously will continue. As I've promised, I will be neutral, I will be transparent."

Sir Lindsay earlier said he wanted the Commons to be "once again a great respected House, not just in here but across the world".

He added: "It's the envy, and we've got to make sure that tarnish is polished away, that the respect and tolerance that we expect from everyone who works in here will be shown and we'll keep that in order."