A FRAUDSTER who will only pay back £1 after conning vulnerable people out of more than £300,000 worth of family heirlooms has been told to “shove the money where the sun doesn’t shine” by one of his victims.

Daniel Clelland, 44, was jailed for five and a half years in April after conning his victims out of their most valuable possessions.

He offered to sell their heirlooms but failed to pass on the proceeds to his victims.

The fraudster had an antiques shop in Harwich called the Dolls House and one in Manningtree called Scrooge.

He admitted six counts of fraud by false representation carried out between April 2015 and February 2016.

During a proceeds of crime hearing held at Chelmsford Crown Court, Judge David Turner QC heard Clelland had made a criminal benefit of £404,108.

But, it was revealed he only had £1 available to pay back.

Victim Richard Browning-Smith, from Manningtree, gave Clelland £32,000 as part of a supposed joint venture between the pair.

After hearing Clelland will only pay £1 back, he said: “He can shove that money where the sun doesn’t shine.

“There are about five victims, so I guess we will get about 20p each.”

The victims include Eileen and Alan Tyrer, who are in their 80s, retired antiques dealer Thomas Cooper, and stamp and sword collector Stephen Home.

Victims Patricia and Kenneth Silburn both died before Clelland was sentenced.

Mr Browning-Smith said: “He has been living off my £32,000 and it’s ridiculous that all he is offering to pay back is £1.

“I want to be able to claim it back whenever he does come into money.”

He added: “People like that are scum and don’t deserve to live in the same society as normal people.”

Mr Home said: “I am absolutely furious at the amount they say Clelland has available.

“Out of all of the items that Clelland took from me, the police recovered nothing.

“The only items that were found, were found by myself.

“I am having to fight to even get those items returned to me.”