COLCHESTER has achieved another musical coup by securing a Westlife gig in Castle Park.

This is great news not just for fans but for traders too.

The more people who come to Colchester to enjoy the entertainment, the more money rolls through the tills.

Castle Park is a fantastic outdoor venue and, as has often been quoted, it is a jewel in the crown of Colchester’s parks.

But that crown has become a little tarnished after thousands of revellers trampled through the park grounds after Oktoberfest.

The ground was already soft from the rain and the quagmire left by the drinkers was made worse by vehicles being driven over the grass to take the equipment and huge marque away after the revelries were over.

Not for a moment are we suggesting events should not be held in the park but there is a lesson to be learnt here.

If events are to be run in Castle Park, everything must be done to ensure it is left in tact.

Rubber matting must be put down if there is even the threat the rain and perhaps alternative entrances introduced so thousands of people are not funnelled into one spot.

Of course, this will cost a bit of money but that is a small price to pay to keep the park as we all want it - pristine and beautiful.

An army of volunteers work hard to make Castle Park such a stunning venue to be enjoyed by us all.

It is not fair their efforts are undermined and the park is damaged for the sake of a few.