STUDENTS celebrated victory when they developed a winning idea to help children read.

Eight students from Thomas Lord Audley School in Colchester took part in the Transformation Trust and Dell Technologies workshop.

After the workshop, technology company Dell chose winning entries to go through to a final competition in London.

Thomas, Lord Audley School students were chosen for their idea that students should wear special glasses to help them focus and attain better grades.

The challenge was to develop the idea and create a five-minute marketing presentation.

Staff from Dell helped the students come up with ways to present their idea.

Susan Green, careers leader at the school, said: “During each of the workshops, Dell employees commented on the interaction by our students on how they were all working together.

“When our students decided to develop their idea they were going to focus on something prominent within the school - literacy.

“They developed their glasses idea to connect to an app to help children at primary and secondary school.

“Their idea was that the app could provide further explanation of a word, or images.

“The students also decided the lenses were able to adapt for students who need coloured overlays to help them read.”

The team name was Let’s Focus.

Each student took on a role and responsibility for an area within their presentation.

Although the students were nervous, they gave a winning presentation.

Ms Green added: “We were incredibly proud of these eight students and they could not have done any more.

“The waiting was tense and we couldn’t believe it when TLA were announced as winners.

“The students will each be receiving a certificate and a £25 Amazon voucher.

“They all worked amazingly throughout the day and were determined they were going to deliver the best presentation.”

Students on the team included Scarlett Whiting, Millie Beckwith, Chloe Lee, Leah Harvey, Aaron Birch, Ella Lewis, Marcie Drummond and Dominique Bye.