HEROIC passersby and emergency service workers hauled a man who was dangling from a rooftop to safety.

The man was seen hanging on Southway, Colchester, clinging on to the top of a car park.

Police, fire and the ambulance service all attended the scene and stopped rush hour traffic on Tuesday evening.

A spokesman for Essex Police confirmed the man was safely brought back on to the roof.

He said: We were called around 4.50pm on Tuesday with concerns for the safety of a man at a car park on Southway.

“Officers attended and he was brought to safety.

“He was left in the care of health professionals.”

A woman who saw the man clinging on was heading home from the town centre having been shopping.

She said: “We had a blue light police car come past and pull itself diagonally across the road, stopping both lanes of traffic.

“I wondered what was going on and saw the police officer get out of the car and look up towards the top of the NCP in Osborne Street .

“I was shocked to see a man hanging by his arms from the edge, swinging his legs out, away from the tiny ledge underneath him.

“I could see there were hands gripping each of his arms but at that point, it was clear only one person was up there with him, holding onto him.

“I got out as I am a first aider and trained in CPR and offered my assistance but he thanked me and told me not to worry as there was a fire unit and ambulance en route and a police unit already up there with the man.”

The woman said the man was clinging on to the edge of the rooftop for more than five minutes and she was concerned he seemed to be losing his grip.

Fire crews then arrived and helped hoist the man to safety by gripping hold of his trousers and dragging him to safety.

The witness said: “I hope he gets the help he needs.”