A SYCAMORE which sits atop Colchester Castle has been named as one of the best trees in England.

The Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year saw ten specimens battle it out in a public vote.

The sycamore tree on top of Colchester Castle finished in second place after been beaten to the top spot by the Allerton Oak in Liverpool.

Adam Cormack, head of campaigning, at the Woodland Trust said: “Taking second place in a national competition for the nation’s favourite tree is a real achievement.

“The Colchester Castle Sycamore is a really special tree growing in a very unusual location.

“The people of Colchester, and indeed anyone else that voted for the tree, can rightfully be proud that they’ve helped to put one of the nation’s most remarkable trees on the map.”

The sycamore has been on top of the south east tower for about 200 years.

It had to be removed in 1985 to allow repairs to the castle wall and was replanted by Nicola, the six-year-old daughter of the then mayor Sir Bob Russell in May 1987.

It was initially planted to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815.

As runner up the tree is eligible for a £500 Tree Care Award which can be spent on works to benefit the tree’s health, signage, or a community celebration.

The Woodland Trust’s annual competition is designed to highlight and celebrate the best trees in the country.

It has been supported by award-winning horticulturalist David Domoney.

Mr Domoney said: “Working with The Woodland Trust on its Tree of the Year campaign is a real pleasure.

“The entrants this year have been outstanding and illustrate perfectly the unique nature of our native trees.”

Winner Allerton Oak claimed 3,716 votes with the Colchester sycamore receiving 1,371 votes.

Third place went to the Dragon Tree on the Isle of Wight with 1,281 votes.

In total more than 11,000 people voted in the competition.