POPULAR American burger giant Wendy's is heading for the UK.

Bosses at the classic fast food joint, world-renowned for square-shaped burgers and its infamous Bacon Jalepeno Triple Cheeseburger, is eyeing up opening 20 new outlets across Britain.

The firm is reportedly scouting out locations now, with the first restaurant hopefully opening within the year.

Burger loving Bradley Wallace, 45, from Basildon, is keen on the idea.

He said: "I so hope this happens! And I hope they open one near me. I remember the company tried coming over in the 1980s I think, but it didn't quite work out then and I just don't know why. Second time lucky I'm hoping."

The Mail on Sunday has reported Abigail Pringle, president of the international division and chief development officer, saying: "The United Kingdom will be out beachhead to European expansion. We believe it is a growing market and it has lots of great growth ahead of it.

"We also know that great American brands have been successful. Burger brands have been unbelievably successful there. But we believe that we can challenge those brands."

The Mirror is also reporting the firm is looking at sites in the UK.

Wendy's is the third biggest burger chain in the world - behind McDonald's and Burger King.