CAMPAIGNERS from north Essex joined the 1 million protesters who took to the streets of London to demand another referendum on leaving the EU.

Campaigners filled Parliament Square on Saturday to demand a People’s Vote. They believe the public should have the final

say over Brexit deal, not politicians.

Stephen Wilkinson, co-chairman of the Colchester and Tendring for Europe Group, said: “It was an incredible day and I was proud to march carrying the Essex flag.

“The passage of the Letwin amendment is an important victory and puts the brakes on Boris Johnson’s disastrous Brexit plans.

“Dominic Grieve said they could hear us protesters while they were in the chamber and it encouraged those voting for the amendment.

“But the battle isn’t over and we must continue fighting for what is right - to put it back to the people and to stop Brexit for our country and for our future.”

The Letwin amendment says Parliament will withhold approval of the Prime Minister’s deal until the Withdrawal Bill implementing Brexit has been passed.

Rebecca Hart, from Wivenhoe, who works for the NHS as a senior nurse in London, said: “I am really against any sort of Brexit and it was great to be with a peaceful gathering of people all protesting against the damage it will cause.

“I know first hand the extremely hard work we undertake to provide our patients the best possible care and many of us are really worried Brexit is just going to increase the pressure and jeopardise our ability to operate smoothly.

“It is already discouraging the huge number of EU-born clinicians from remaining here.

“I understand people voted to leave in 2016 but now we know the detail and consequences of this specific Brexit deal, it seems vital we go back to the people and check we’re willing to accept these risks to something so crucial as our NHS.”