A MAN who received death threats and had his face slashed with a broken bottle has told how he “feared his children would grow up without a dad”.

Nathan French was attacked at the skate park near Leisure World in Colchester.

Two thugs were caught on camera threatening to kill him during the late night attack in Cowdray Avenue.

Nathan, 27, from Colchester, said: “Me and my mate were sat at the skate park after going to Aldi in Cowdray Avenue. We met with a few friends and then started to drink with them.


“Shortly after they left and went home, leaving me and my friend. We continued to drink and were planning on heading to our local pub.”

The pair then heard aggressive yelling from behind them.

Nathan, who has two children and two step-children, with another baby on the way, said: “The yelling got louder as they approached, leading to a flurry of punches being thrown at myself.

“The attacker smashed a bottle of rum on a grinding ledge and then approached me while I tried to back up.

“He then made a gesture as if he was going to swing the bottle, I continued to back away whilst they were shouting ‘Do you want to die tonight?’

“It left me fearing my children would grow up without a dad.”

A video of the attack shows two men, one of whom smashes a bottle and holds it as a weapon.

The man holding the bottle appears to strike Nathan before both men walk off covering their faces.

Nathan said: “He got closer and swung the bottle into my left cheek.

“Following the incident I went to the McDonald’s bathroom to look at my face and see the damage.

“It was roughly an inch and half deep and maybe two inches in length. I’m unsure of how long the healing process will be.

“I am unable to sleep properly as I keep replaying the attack in my mind.”

Nathan had to have stitches in his cheek with the wound just centimetres from his eye.

The main suspect is described as white with brown hair and about 5ft 11ins tall.

A woman was also headbutted during the incident shortly before 10pm on October 11. A spokesman for Essex Police said inquiries are ongoing.