A CONCERNED resident is urging the police to do something about the “vile” abuse and threatening actions being directed at her neighbour.

Sarah Coward, 40, of Riley Avenue, Jaywick, says her neighbour Tatiana BereznovaTwine, 67, is frequently subjected to horrendous language and intimidating behaviour.

Mrs Tatiana, who has lived in the UK for 15 years, comes from Lithuania and her husband died seven years ago.

The pensioner is now constantly targeted.

Two weeks ago, Mrs Tatiana captured CCTV footage showing two people damaging the potted plants on her driveway.

Later people shouted expletives at her and called her derogatory names.

Ms Coward said: “It is vile and this isn’t the first time they have done things to her.

“She keeps getting bullied and last week they damaged her front garden and then came back to intimidate her and call her names.

“They hit her car as she drives past and they push their kids to play in the street so she can’t get past.”

According to Ms Coward, the relentless bombardment of abuse, which Essex Police are now treating as a hate incident, has now pushed her neighbour into considering leaving her home and living elsewhere.

She said: “She is an amazing lady and she just keeps herself to herself - she has a heart of gold.

“To be honest, she now wants to move away because she has had enough of them.”

Essex Police confirmed they received reports of verbal abuse being directed at a woman and plants being destroyed in Riley Avenue.

They have urged anyone with information to contact them on 101 quoting reference 42/157274/19.