DRIVERS are being warned they could face a fine of up to £2,500... just for not checking their tyres properly.

According to new research by tyre safety charity TyreSafe, a whopping 27.3 per cent of UK cars have worn tyres below the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Excessive tyre wear puts drivers in danger due to a lack of grip with the road, leading to an increased risk of aquaplaning, tyres overheating and a large increase in your stopping distance.

When driving at 30mph in wet conditions, a car with full tread depth, 8mm, can stop in just 25.9 metres.

When driving in the same conditions, but using tyres with the legal minimum tread depth,1.6mm, your stopping distance increases by 66 per cent to 43 metres.

To support Tyre Safety month and to encourage drivers to think more about their vehicle tyres and the risks if tyres are worn or underinflated, firm Evans Halshaw are offering free tyre checks to motorists throughout October.

The firm has also issued advice to drivers to help them stay safe, as well as avoid a nasty fine.

Vehicle owners can take the following steps to help prevent tyre-related accidents and protect their bank balance:

  • Check your tyre pressure at least once a month – making sure they are at the correct pressure as specified by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Make sure your tread depth is above the legal limit of 1.6mm - pop a 20p coin into the tread of your tyre – if you can see the border, it’s time to replace
  • Depending on the weight of your load your tyre pressures can vary, check your manual for the correct psi depending on if you’re carrying a full load or not

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