A LETTER on October 14 ("Rancour and vitriol from both sides") asked for reasons why we should remain in the European Union.

I have found a list of 98 of them from a pro-Remain site called SmallBusinessPrices.co.uk.

Some are technical, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (standardising language assessment), some important (such as our reliance on migrating nurses and doctors), some just make our lives more fun (such as the EU donations towards the Mercury Theatre or the increasing ease at which the Premier League clubs can snap up the best players from across Europe), but they are all valid.

We vote for EU laws in an EU Parliament, filled with members that we vote for from across Europe and no, these laws are not routinely foisted upon us in the UK.

Official EU voting records show the British government has voted "no" to laws passed at EU level on 56 occasions, abstained 70 times, and voted "yes" 2,466 times since 1999.

The EU is to introduce laws that will make our white goods easier to repair. Surely that's a good thing?

They want to combat plastic use by removing all single-use plastic from our supermarkets. How is that bad?

But these are aspirations.

The EU is not perfect. But we can't fix its faults without being part of it.

If we are proud of our status as Great' Britain, surely we should be leading the European Union, not leaving it?

Here is where we are now...98 reasons to remain:

Vivien Collins

Lethe Grove, Colchester