I HAVE been fortunate enough to just recently be taken to Lake Garda in Italy.

The trip took my wife and I through France,Germany, Switzerland and finally Italy.

The coach took us along motorways, towns and villages. Throughout the whole journey, whichever country we passed through, we were impressed by the way the grass verges, the central reservation and particularly the roundabouts were cared for.

Some of the roundabouts in particular were almost worth a photograph!

The verges were kept short, no overgrown weeds and no rubbish.

Then we came home to disgusting weed infested roundabouts overgrown verges and central reservations.

Where is the care and pride in our town.

I know we will be told by the council there is not enough money to care for these things, so why is it they could find more than a £130,000 for that eyesore of a so-called boat to be paraded on a roundabout in Parkeston?

Do our councillors really believe tourists to and from the ferries will take a moment to look at it?

I have a suggestion; why not melt it down and make some strimmer blades to cut down the weeds infesting everywhere in our lovely town.

After all, if I remember my history well the Pilgrim Fathers set out from Plymouth so we are celebrating a ship, captain and crew sailing from Harwich to Plymouth.

Please melt that monstrosity down and use the metal to make something useful.

Terry Gardiner

Michaelstowe Drive, Ramsey