AT least two Colchester residents have been arrested on the streets of London as part of Extinction Rebellion protests in the capital.

Over the last week, the environmental campaign group have brought parts of the city to a complete standstill in opposition to government inaction on climate change.

The group has blocked some of London's busiest streets to traffic, targeted London's financial hub and even managed to get flights grounded at airports.

On Sunday, an estimated 30,000 people attended a faux funeral march across the city, calling for governments across the world to do more to tackle the climate crisis.

Approximately 100 people from Colchester have travelled down to take part in the protests, which have seen more than 1,300 people arrested in total.

Extinction Rebellion Colchester says at least two Colchester residents are amongst this number.

To highlight the actions in London a small group of members held an event at the University of Essex, where two protestors dressed in the red rebel brigade outfits which have become synonymous with the week's action.

A spokesman for Extinction Rebellion Colchester said: "These eye-catching performances consist of participants wearing full length red robes and visually striking white make-up.

"They move slowly through the squares, creating a striking visual display.

"The performances are meant to be symbolic of the shared grief for the climate crisis with the red representing the lost blood of life.

"In London, the east of England protestors have been focused on Westminster with a Love Rebellion theme, creating a loving and restorative space for all members of the protest and others outside it."

Critics of the campaign group have hit out at their disruptive methods, which some say are wasting valuable police resources and hurting the country's economy.

However the protests are expected to continue in London and cities across the world for at least another week.

The Guardian released new analysis ranking Britain’s MPs by how they’ve voted in Parliament on climate change related issues.

Will Quince, Colchester’s MP, received a score of 0 per cent with the newspaper’s analysis stating he was present for six votes on the subject, voting positively in none.

Colchester’s first and only green councillor Mark Goacher, a history teacher at Colchester Sixth Form College, wrote a mockreport card for Mr Quince on Twitter.

He said: “Attendance = 100%. Current grade = U. Target grade = C+. Comment: William lacks effort in this subject however he clearly has the potential to succeed should he adopt a more positive attitude.”

Mr Quince responded on social media saying the tool was “a selective analysis of votes out of context” and it did not “take into account what the Government has done and has committed to do” on climate issues.