Essex Police's Rural Engagement Team visited a traveller camp which has appeared at a beauty spot car park.

The team assessed the site, in a visitor's car park for High Woods Country Park, off Chanterelle, Colchester, this afternoon.

Officers have said they will continue to monitor and manage the camp, which is believed to include five caravans and three motorhomes. 

Colchester Council, which owns the land, has asked the travellers to leave.

However a spokesman told the Gazette yesterday: “If the travellers do not leave the site, we will need to go through the courts to ensure their removal.

"If we have to apply for a court order, the procedure will take between 7- 10 days.

“In certain circumstances, the police may choose to use their emergency powers under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

"It is for the senior officer who visits the encampment to decide what action should be taken.”