Shocked residents and councillors have spoken out after a triple murder investigation was launched in Colchester.

Police have found two men dead inside a property and the body of a third man in a car outside a property on Wellesley Road.

A 32-year-old man from Colchester has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Mike Lilley, Colchester Council's public safety boss, said: “It is really shocking. It is a quiet road but until we really know all the details there is not much we can say.

“If people live in the area and heard anything that night or they think they know what happened they must speak to the police.

“This is the tragic death of three people.”

Essex County Council ward councillor Sue Lissimore's daughter lives in Wellesley Road.

She said: "I heard about the incident last night. I’m shocked, it’s a tragedy, and our thoughts are obviously with the friends and families of those that have been affected by it.

"It’s a very quiet road which normally doesn’t have very much activity and so this is a great shock for the neighbourhood.

"We’ve just got to wait now for the police to investigate. This has certainly not happened before.

"My daughter actually lives in Wellesley Road and she rang me at quarter past one this morning because she couldn’t get back to her property.

"The police did in the end let her through the back way so she did manage to get home, but it’s very very unusual and we look to the police to discover what actually happened.

"Colchester is a very low crime zone we’re very lucky, this sort of incident is very isolated and unusual."

Residents also took to the Gazette's Facebook page to share their shock. 

Dorothy Bellamy said: "What is happening to Colchester? It used to be a lovely town. Why can this not be stopped I expected my life to be peaceful at as got older not to worry about going out and what might happen to me."

Jeannine McAndrew said: "Frightening to hear that this kind of thing is happening in such a lovely residential area."

Sherri Cooke added: "Used to live in Creffield road just round the corner. What an earth has gone on." 

Catherine Mills said: "Such a nice area of Colchester. Shocked,just shows it can happen anywhere."

Rachel West said: "It can happen in any part of the world, but when its on your doorstep, it makes it all more frightening! Thoughts with those affected by this horrific act."

Caroline Louise Pitchford said: "Is terrible news yet again. I moved from London to Colchester for my children to feel safer and even I feel unsafe her atm.

"Something needs to be done and sooner rather then later."