A WOMAN who has not been to Colchester for years has received four speeding fines and three bus lane fines after her number plate was cloned.

Alicia Morgan is appealing to the public for help after receiving the fines at her home address in Hertfordshire.

A black Vauxhall Corsa was caught in Mile End Road, Nayland Road and North Station Road between September 18 and September 23.

Mrs Morgan also has a black Corsa but has not been to Colchester since she was a child and says her car has “quirks” compared to the once caught on camera.

She said: “Me and my partner started receiving bus lane charges and speeding fines - eight in just over a week.

“We automatically knew it was neither of us as the car is registered at our home address in Hertfordshire and if my partner ever uses the car it is in the Tidworth area.

“We have no idea how the number plate was cloned.”

The first fine was issued a couple of weeks after the couple bought the car from a dealership in Bedfordshire. Mrs Morgan reported the issue to police seven times.

She said: “I have reported it four times to the casualty reduction department with Essex Police and twice with Colchester Police. The second time After receiving the seventh letter I called again and a report was logged.

“Our car is a black three door 1.2 Corsa 51 plate.

“We bought it as a cheap run around as we had a baby earlier this year, so when we bought it there were various things missing. “

It has no badge and no aerial due to a new radio fitted inside. It has a dent in the driver side door and various scratches. On the passenger side the front bumper is coming away.”

The speeding fines were issued in Mile End Road on September 18 at 12.54am, September 20 at 9.26pm and 11.56pm, and September 23 at 1.24am.

The bus lane fines were issued on September 22 in Nayland Road at 1.08pm and 4.11pm. Another was issued in North Station Road on September 23 at 1.26am.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “We sympathise with this couple who, it appears, are the victims of a crime being committed by whoever is using the cloned car.

“We will be happy to waive the fines and we will not send any further notices, but we must have the police crime number so that we have a record of the issue being reported as a police matter.”

Alicia said she was not given a reference number from police.

Anyone who has spotted the Corsa in Colchester can email alicia_morgan91@hotmail.com or report it to Essex Police on 101.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We received a report on Friday 27 September about an incident on Friday 18 September involving a car allegedly using a cloned number plate. We are making inquiries and are waiting for further information from the informant."