AN artistic prodigy who creates astonishing cardboard sculptures using recycled materials is preparing to showcase his finest work for the first time.

Leo Bignell, 16, of Beaumont-cum-Moze, creates fascinating and awe-inspiring art pieces using only cardboard boxes.

The visionary designer, who also goes by the name of Leonardo Lambert, has been fixated on producing offbeat creations since he was old enough to hold a craft knife.

He started using the heavy-duty material in his artworks after Colchester-based visual artist Nicola Burrell gave a life-changing talk at Tendring Primary School, where Leo was a student.

Leo, who has won numerous competitions to create quirky logos for school events, may be crafting his own path but being a dab hand at producing eye-catching images definitely runs in the family.


His father Andrew runs Kino Design – the agency responsible for creating the London 2012 Olympics logo, which was used as part of the country’s bid to host the iconic games.

Speaking about his fascination with using cardboard, Leo said: “It is not a singular interest and I will continue to work in other ways - with other materials and different mediums.

“But I’ve used cardboard for a long time, so it’s become something that I’m used to and comfortable with.

“It is a continuous process for each piece and it is difficult to say how long they take as they are all different and I don’t complete one before I start the next."


Earlier this year three of Leo’s sculptures, including a delicately crafted archer and an impressive skeletal human, were shortlisted in the Young Artists’ Summer Show hosted by the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts.


These finely created pieces, along with some of Leo’s other designs, will now go on display today at a showcase exhibition at Turners Menswear in Crouch Street, Colchester.

It will be the first time the young talent’s artworks have taken centre stage.


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Leo said: “I have displayed my work at school before but not on this scale and never solo, so I’m glad to have this opportunity from Turners.

“There’s no specific destination in mind for where I want to take this, but I know the direction I want to take things.”

Leo’s exhibition at Turners will run from 2pm to 8pm.

The artworks will then remain in the store until next Wednesday where they can be enjoyed between 10am and 6pm.