SHE was never designed for such luxury but a former Second World War munitions barge is enjoying a new lease of life as an elegant floating hotel with a view to die for.

The Lady of the Twizzle boasts seals and Little Terns as her neighbours on the stunning Twizzle Creek near Walton.

She has been lovingly restored by sailing enthusiasts Danny Parrott and Peter Morris to create a tranquil location for a weekend getaway, midweek break, bird-watching trip or relaxing holiday.

Danny and Peter hope she will also attract business guests as the perfect venue for corporate getaways.

The 85-foot ferro-concrete barge is believed to have seen wartime service at Dunkirk before languishing on the south coast until the late 1980s when she was moved to Ipswich to become a bar and restaurant.

She then served as a sailing school at Titchmarsh Marina for 20 years, where Danny gained his day skipper qualification before he became convinced of her potential to be redeveloped for the luxury short-stay and corporate break market.

Danny, from Frinton, said: “A lot of these old barges are just redundant shells. It’s amazing to think of the places Lady of the Twizzle has been and the stories she could tell. She came through a world war relatively unscathed and now she has a new lease of life.”

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