SHOCKING footage has emerged showing the moment two fishermen had to be rescued by lifeboat crews after being cut off by high tides and strong winds.

The Walton and Frinton Lifeboat was launched shortly before 12.30pm on Saturday following reports from concerned residents of two men trapped on the end of a breakwater off Walton.

As a result of the high tide, windy weather and choppy seas, the pair of stranded anglers were forced to withstand waves as they tightly clung to the navigational mark while they waited for help.

After arriving on the scene and due to the duo’s close proximity to the beach, a RNLI boarding boat was quickly deployed and carefully approached the casualties.

Seconds after heading off, the crew arrived at the men before safely retrieving them and heading back to shore.

The families of the lucky men were waiting on the beach as they arrived back on land and greeted them as the boarding boat was recovered.

Dale Steggles, who is a crew member at Walton and Frinton Lifeboat station, has used the incident to reiterate the dangers of entering the sea during adverse weather conditions.

Given the troubling elements which the two anglers found themselves up against, Mr Steggles has also suggested the outcome of their fortunate escape could have been much more serious.

Mr Steggles said: “We urge the public to consider the wind and tide before making decisions when involving the sea.

“This weekend the tides were large spring tides, being higher than usual coupled with the wind could have made for a very different outcome for the two individuals.

“Thankfully a number of 999 calls received from the public meant we were able to ensure they got back home safely to their families.”