A YOUNG horse lover has become a TV star after featuring in a new Lloyds Bank advert.

Eight-year-old Ava Schwingen, from Coggeshall, plays a starring role in the bank’s latest TV commercial which is playing this month.

Ava had written to the global bank earlier this year to express her love for their adverts which feature the iconic Lloyds black stallion.

In her letter, the youngster said: “I absolutely love horses and every time I see your horse adverts, I cry with joy.

“They are absolutely amazing. It would be my absolute dream to be in one of these adverts with these beautiful, majestic horses.

“Please, please, please, please, please make my dream come true.”

The letter was picked up by Lloyds director of marketing Catherine Kehoe and she decided to help grant Ava’s wish.

Ava was then duly invited her to take part in a new TV advert.

The advert recounts Ava’s letter to the bank and then shows her living her dream by coming face to face with an iconic Lloyds horse.

Ava’s mum Rachel said: “We never dreamed that Ava’s letter would lead to such a magical day and for my daughter’s dreams to come true.

“The whole day was beyond our wildest expectations.

“Ava described the day as ‘the best day of her entire life’.

The advert aims to warn Lloyds’ customers about potential scams and reminds them the bank will never ask them to move money into another account.

Ms Kehoe said: “Ava’s passion and creativity inspired us all and we wanted to show her just how much her letter meant to us.

“I am delighted that she had such a fantastic time on set, and that we were able to help create a magical experience that she won’t forget.”

The advert forms part of a wider multi-media social media campaign being run by banks to remind customers to be vigilant when being asked to provide confidential imformation.

To watch the advert, head to

the official Lloyds Bank Twitter page.