IT was third time lucky for a determined fundraiser who has become the first person to complete the nine mile swim from Sealand to Dovercourt.

Terry Fay, 47, initially set out to complete the challenge of swimming from the offshore platform turned principality in the North Sea to Dovercourt Beach on August 18.

Unfortunately, due to some engine issues with the safety boat, the swim didn’t go ahead as planned on that date.

Terry’s second attempt was on September 1 but disaster struck five miles into the swim when the engine overheated.

However, his third attempt, on Sunday was a success.

Terry, who works for AGI Global Logistics, started the swim from Sealand at about 10.30am, having planned to come in with the tide to ensure there was enough water over Cork Sands for the safety boat to clear it.

He said: “After about two and half hours of battling the high waves whipped up by the westerly wind, and tide pushing us towards Walton, the tide changed and we then were being pushed towards the shipping lane and Felixstowe.

“We stopped a couple of times for me to take on energy drinks and a couple of bananas, and also to warm up a bit.

“My triathlon wetsuit was clearly inappropriate for that amount of time in the water.

“We finally arrived into Dovercourt west beach at about 3.30pm, having swum the nine mile journey in four hours 38 minutes to a cheering crowd of about 100 people along the seafront.

“Also six kayakers and a couple of swimmers came to join us for the last few hundred meters.

“It was an emotional end to a very long campaign.

“In all, I’ve swum 55 open water sea miles these past three months, in readiness for and including the swim itself.”

Terry’s swim has raised more than £1,800 for the Royal Marsden Hospital, which helped a close family member of his earlier this year.

The charity raises money to support The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer centre.

To donate to Terry’s fundraising appeal, visit