The Government’s behaviour has made the United Kingdom a laughing stock around the world, with the much admired Mother of Parliaments to which democracies have long admired now dragged into the gutter which if it was happening elsewhere would be condemned by Britain.

With all that is going on, the silence of Colchester MP Will Quince is astonishing.

Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament was a disgrace. What does Mr Quince think? We don’t know. He has seemingly not said anything.

Where is Colchester’s voice in the House of Commons?

I am therefore putting myself forward as the “Colchester unity candidate” – urging both traditional One Nation Conservatives opposed to the Boris Johnson lurch to the Hard Right and moderate Labour supporters appalled by Jeremy Corbyn’s Left Wing “Momentum” agenda to support me as the true voice of Colchester.

I was born in Colchester, lived and worked in Colchester.

In contrast, the total number of years that the Conservative MP and Labour candidate have lived in Colchester is little more than ten years between them.

Martin Goss,

Prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester