A LANDLORD who failed to provide information about one of his properties when asked to do so by a council has been fined.

Tenants of a home in Butt Road, Colchester, first contacted Colchester Council in December last year with concerns about the property.

As part of its investigation into potential breaches of housing standards law, the council served landlord Philip Hogg with a notice.

It requested information about the ownership and management of the property, which Mr Hogg failed to provide.

He was summonsed to appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court for a hearing on August 21, but failed to attend.

In his absence, the court found Mr Hogg guilty of failing to comply with the requirements of the notice.

He was fined £1,760 for the offence, ordered to pay £150 in court costs and a £170 victim surcharge.

Adam Fox, Colchester councillor responsible for housing, said swift action would be taken against landlords who fail to responsibly manage their properties.

He said: “We are committed, as a council, to improving living standards for tenants in the private rented sector, which provide an affordable housing option for many residents in the borough.

“Colchester Council is committed to improving standards of private sector housing accommodation across the borough.

“When accommodation is not being responsibly managed and regulations are breached, we will take legal action to remedy the situation and ensure tenants can enjoy a safe and healthy home which meets regulations.”