Figures show 41 per cent of learners are passing their driving test on the first attempt in Colchester.

In total 1,114 would-be motorists passed their practical test at Colchester Test Centre on the first try in 2018-19 data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has shown.

The average first time pass rate for centres across Great Britain is 47 per cent.

Of the people successful on the first try in Colchester 47 pupils had zero faults.

There were 2,787 first attempt tests during 2018-19.

Men performed strongest with 44.1 per cent passing compared to 37.9 per cent of women.

Learners taking the test can pass with up to 15 minor faults, which include not checking mirrors.

Clacton had the best first time pass rate in Essex with 50.5 per cent.

There were 1,460 first attempts with 737 passes and 15 people who passed with no faults.

Under government plans to improve road safety, new drivers could be banned from travelling at night.

The rules, announced by the Department for Transport, restrict what motorists can do on the roads months after passing their test.

Last year, on average, 33 new drivers had their licence revoked every day after reaching six penalty points within two years of passing their driving test, according to data obtained by charity Brake.

The DVLA data from a freedom of information request revealed 11,953 new drivers had their licence revoked under the New Drivers Act in 2018, with drivers aged 17-24 making up almost two thirds (62 per cent) of the total.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, Joshua Harris said: “It’s shocking that so many new drivers are racking up enough penalty points to have their licences revoked so soon after passing their test, in particular those in the 17-24 age bracket.

"It clearly demonstrates that we need to make our licensing system more robust so that when a driver passes their test, they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to drive safely on all roads and in all conditions."