I AM becoming increasingly concerned about Essex County Council’s attitude towards road safety in central Colchester.

Recently I had occasion to contact them after complaints from residents about drivers ignoring the No Entry sign at the bottom of West Stockwell Street and driving at speed up to the High Street.

Given that this is a narrow one-way street there are clear and obvious dangers in using it as a rat run in this way.

The response from Essex County Council left me aghast.

It stated the site does not "meet our criteria for further investigation" because there have not been four or more accidents within a five-year period.

In other words no further action will be taken until the accidents occur.

This slack attitude to enforcing their own rules and irresponsible driving is putting people at risk of injury or worse.

I fully realise the county council is short of money due to funding cuts by the Conservative government, although there still seems to be plenty of cash for dubious road projects such as that on Ipswich Road, although I understand these are usually ring fenced.

However waiting for four accidents before enforcing basic safety rules seems to me like gambling with people’s lives.

One wonders if the severity of the accidents are taken into account as surely they can’t be ticking off four deaths on a excel sheet before it triggers "further investigation".

Often we hear the phrase "lessons will be learned" after the fact. Perhaps it is time the lessons were learned before the fact.

Mark Goacher

Green Party councillor for Castle Ward

Morant Road, Colchester