PUPILS are getting their hands dirty creating a tranquil garden and orchard within their school grounds.

Staff at Gosbecks Primary School in Colchester spent the summer holidays preparing a new garden and allotment.

It is in the early stages but, once completed, will eventually include an orchard, an avenue of trees, flower beds and a seating area.

Head teacher David Milligan said he hopes to get the whole community involved in the project.

He said: “We have got quite a big field and decided last year we wanted to create a garden area which can become part of the children’s curriculum.

“I spoke to our PTA, who are fantastic, and member Elaine Anderson got money through various bids.

“Then we met with a garden designer, we looked at the area and decided what we wanted.”

Over the summer holidays the PTA and children started to pull the various aspects together.

Mr Milligan said: “Each class will have their own planting area, so they will be growing and looking after the plants as well as eating and selling them.

“We want to get the community involved so we can invite people from care homes and vulnerable adults to come in and look after the garden.

“We wanted to create a tranquil, quiet space which is a separate part of the school.”

The pupils have also been involved in the process from the outset, deciding what they would like to see included in the garden.

Once finished, it will be up to the young eco-warriors to maintain it.

Mr Milligan said: “The children will help look after the garden and they will be able to suggest extra things they would like to see in it.

“Each class will have their own raised bed to look after.”

Members of the PTA also contributed towards funding the garden.