A SURGEON facing interim suspension has been told he can practise again...but under constant supervision.

Jeremy Parker, a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon at Colchester Hospital, was given an interim suspension by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in July.

The surgeon, who specialises in hip and knee replacements, also worked The Oaks Hospital in Colchester, which is run by Ramsay Healthcare.

The General Medical Council and the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service were unable to provide reasons for the interim suspension.

However, an update on the GMC website says the surgeon is registered with a licence to practise, with a number of conditions in place until November next year.

One of the conditions is he must be supervised in all of his posts by a clinical supervisor, and directly supervised when performing surgical procedures.

The report said: “His clinical supervisor must be appointed by his responsible officer.

“He must not work until his responsible officer has appointed his clinical supervisor and approved his supervision arrangements and he has personally ensured the GMC has been notified of these arrangements.

“He must provide a report from his clinical supervisor in advance of or at his next review hearing.”

Mr Parker must also personally ensure the GMC is notified of his current post, the contact details for his employer and any training programmes he undertakes.

He must also personally ensure the GMC is notified of any post he accepts before starting it and all relevant people have been notified of his conditions.

A spokesman for The Oaks Hospital said: “The hospital is currently reviewing Mr Parker’s practice in line with the recently published GMC restrictions and guidance.

“Mr Parker is not working at the hospital whilst we do so.”

The trust which runs Colchester Hospital said Mr Parker was not working for them currently.