RESIDENTS say their patience is wearing thin having waited EIGHT years for a play area to open.

Bovis Homes installed the play park in Cavalry Road, Colchester, but it was fenced off in the summer of 2011 as it had not been formally adopted by Colchester Council.

The park has become an eyesore for residents who have been keen to use it.

There had been issues over potential contamination of the soil on the park site but despite an inspection being carried out, there is still no opening date for the park.

Last year Bovis Homes assured residents the park would be adopted by the council in the coming weeks, but this has never happened and the park remains closed.

Residents are disappointed at the lack of progress.

Colchester mayor Nick Cope is calling for a full report on why the exchange has taken so long.

In an email to Colchester Council he said: “We are told from time to time that action is about to be taken but we are never told either the actual date when it is opening nor the full story behind why it has taken so long.

“I want a full report as to why this has become the saga that it has.”

A Colchester Council spokesman said the matter is still in the hands of the developer.

He said: “The play area is currently the responsibility of Bovis Homes who are yet to complete the process for making it available to residents.”

“Once this has been completed, the play area will be open and maintained in perpetuity.

“In the meantime, we’re working with Bovis Homes to get the play area open for the community to use and enjoy as soon as possible.”

We contacted Bovis Homes for a comment but did not receive a response.