A FRUSTRATED shopkeeper says he is finding it difficult to employ staff because of a fear of frequent robbery and theft.

Family Shopper, in High Street, in Dovercourt, was targeted last Thursday at around 8pm.

CCTV captured a man putting items in a shopping basket and fleeing the store.

Supervisor Rae Robson, 22, was working her night shift when the theft took place.

She said: “I think the basket was the most expensive thing he took.

“I ran after him.

“He seemed to be drunk and tripped over.

“All the items went everywhere on the pavement.

“He got up, started running again and got into a car which was waiting for him.”

Rae said staff did not report the incident to the police as they believed no action would be taken.

Owner Vasanthan Thambiayah, 43, said shoplifting is a common occurrence.

“It is really stressful, and you start looking at every customer thinking whether they will steal or not,” he said.

“It is absolutely ridiculous and is really bad for our business.

“We are losing a lot of money because of shoplifters.

“These days it is hard to find staff to work for me because they don’t really like this.”

Anyone with information about the theft can call Essex Police on 101.