Write down a single word, or sentence, that describes how you feel about climate change”, said Charly Cox, climate change coach, to 90 women at Hadleigh Women's Institute last week

Someone read out her word, “worried”, and Charly asked everyone else who had written “worried” to stand up. About 20 ladies stood. I wrote “fear for my grandchildren” and many others stood with me.

Others had “anger” or “frustration” that our leaders don’t seem to be doing enough.

Some said they felt “helpless” or “alone” in their concerns.

Yet 85 per cent of people are now worried about climate change, so we are certainly not alone.

Talking about climate change to your friends and family can be very helpful, finding you are not alone, sharing ideas so you no longer feel helpless.

Of course we talked about the fires in Brazil, and it’s easy to blame President Bolsonaro for the destruction, but we also discussed why Brazilian farmers are burning forest to grow soya and graze cattle.

It is the same reason India and China are becoming more industrialised, because we keep buying their products.

You may well feel angry with our Prime Minister for failing to back a trade embargo, putting pressure on Bolsonaro to put out the fires that are burning the lungs of our world, but there is no need to feel helpless.

We can exert consumer pressure. Greenpeace has started a petition calling on McDonald's and Burger King not to buy their beef from Brazil.

Look online for "Greenpeace - don’t fry the Amazon”.

A total of 57,510 had signed when I added my name.

Yours could be the name that makes big business and politicians realise we are serious. They need to take action on our behalf to keep our loyalty.