FIRE crews were called to deal a blaze caused by an electricity pylon Maldon's Promenade Park.

Witnesses have described seeing a pylon go up in flames near a kiosk in the park at around 9am on Saturday morning.

Firefighters were called to the scene and quickly had the fire under control.

People had gathered in the area for the weekly park run, which had to be delayed whilst emergency services battle the fire.

However once the fire was dealt with the event was able to take place as normal.

Witness Damien Walsh took this video: 

He said: "It wasn’t a huge fire but it was extremely dangerous and was dealt with extremely well. It could have been really bad.

"I’m an Electrician, so I found it quite concerning that no fuses had blown to cut the electrics off over the 30 plus minutes the cables were arching for.

"Hopefully this is a little warning to give them a reason to address their electrical installation from the sub mains to the shop outlets."

He added: "I was surprised the park run still went ahead but it just goes to show how much their Saturday morning runs means to people.

"The instructions for the park run to go ahead were from the chief fire fighter to the park run director."